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Fueled by Easton Allred

Fueled by Easton Allred Book

Easton Allred who is a 16 yr old Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, and more gives tips and tricks on how to start your own business and becoming successful. He teaches things like taking risks when starting a business because without taking some risks and won’t be where you want to be in life. He also talks about outside-the-box thinking and how that leads to becoming a very successful entrepreneur. He also talks about his podcast and how it spends countless hours trying to interview successful people and get tips from them to become even better. Easton also explains how to set your goals and priorities when starting with your business or starting with entrepreneurship. This is a unique book and all of the teens out there should check it out it will help you out very much.


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Book Review this Month is- Timmy Failure by Stephan Pastis

Timmy Failure by Stephan Pastis

Timmy Failure is about Timmy who is the CEO and Owner of Total Failure Inc.. a detective agency with two main employees: Timmy and Total! Total is actually a polar bear who was wandering around and found himself on Timmy Lawn and that how that met.  Total and Timmy decided to start a business together where Total would be an assistant and Timmy is the Owner and CEO. Total Failure Inc… is in competition with Corina Corina a better and bigger detective agency. Timmy Failure is a very funny and enjoyable book and there are also a lot of life lessons you will learn and be taught!