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Chantel-Song Bembry

LiteracyNation’s Student Ambassador of Literacy

Black enterprise entrepreneur of the week.

14 -Year Old CEO/founder of – The Honeybunch Kids

Author: The Honeybunch Kids

Chental-Song Bembry is a 14-year-old, South Brunswick, NJ high school freshman, and Black Enterprise’s Entrepreneur of the Week! She has authored and illustrated The Honeybunch Kids, a story which shares funny life lessons that children will definitely identify with. Chental has been featured in several articles, and has been quoted as saying, “If I can write a book that kids can relate to, they’ll be more inspired to read.”

Chental offers literature for children between the ages of 7 and 12. She promotes literacy that has inspired young people to find and claim their self-esteem while kindling the love of reading in their hearts. Miss Bembry is frequently conducting trade shows, conferences, and has introduced her work at The Harlem Book Fair. She hones her skills by attending writing camps. As LiteracyNation’s First Student Ambassador of Literacy, Chental will be attending book signings at churches and other venues to promote her book.