In complement with our sidewalk librarian, we conduct various literacy programs in venues, such as places of worship, community centers, schools, and libraries.

Read & Seed Initiatives

Our Read & Seed program is a proactive approach to early literacy in low-income communities. This program introduces children and young adults to books. It is our goal to seed their imagination, confidence, and reading competency levels. We supply free books throughout the community in an effort to promote literacy. We offer books as part of our initiative. We know that books will stimulate the minds of our youth.

Barbers, Beauticians Initiative

We place Book Nooks in barbershops and beautician shops located in the inner city.

The Shelves of the nook will be filled with books that depict positive images which reflect our youth.

Call 646-721-1358 and help put Book Nooks in your neighborhood shops!

Student Ambassador of Literacy Program

Students from first grade to 12 may join this program. Get community service credits.

Each Ambassador may distribute free new books to organizations of his/her choice.

LiteracyNation will supply all books. Books will be distributed, by Ambassadors, at least three times a year. All Ambassadors will need the written permission by a parent or legal guardian.

For more information, call us at 646-721-1358.

Precious Fruit Artistic Program

We perform character reenactments and instruct individuals on ways and strategies to resolve conflicts through theater and interactive workshops.

For more information, call 646-721-1358.

38Th & Mt. Vernon Street Community Library


  • Financial Literacy Workshop – Fee
  • Read And Seed Story Hour – Free
  • Homework Club Weekday Afternoons 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. – Free
  • GED Training – Free
  • Resume Development – Free
  • Senior Out Reach – Free
  • Computer 101 Classes – Free