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16 responses to “Guestbook”

  1. Every effort to increase the population of readers is important. Thank you for embarking on this wonderful initiative to keep our community reading!!!!

  2. God bless you for carrying out the assignment He has given you. BEAUTIFUL! Good job Rich, and know that I’m very proud of your success!

  3. Hello Mr. Ashby. I am the young author from New Jersey. It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday at the Harlem Book Fair! Here are the links to my articles:, I look forward to hearing from you, and possibly doing some type of community service in the churches you mentioned!

  4. Rochelle Jordon Mara Alva Syreeta Andrew Alverta Sylvia Santiago Tim Latasha Orpha Farah Truman Nancey Rico Odis Dalton Cecil Tony Consuelo Joni Farah Lia Elisha Titus Evelin Lorinda Kory Arnita Dave Erline Lincoln Arnita Latasha Ricki Ona Arnita Rina Drew

  5. We were so blessed to run into you as we were waiting entry to Cobbs Creek Library. Thank you so much. And please continue to assist in spreading literacy for our future.

  6. Hey Mr. Richard! I talked with you this past weekend at the Master Theater, I was the Makeup Artist for the play “Once Upon a Hood”. I look forward to hearing more about your work in the Philadelphia community and possibly working together on an upcoming project.

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